June 16, 2015

Which “How to Write a Press Release” Articles Are for Me?

Submit123PR says that writing an effective press release isn’t the cookie cutter experience some “how to” articles make it out to be.

In a land where “How to Write a Press Release” articles are plenty, it can be confusing trying to determine which lead is the best to follow. As more and more businesses rely on press release distribution online to bring them widespread exposure, more are actively searching for tools to help them get the development of their content just right.

Press releases have long been viewed as effective tools for getting the attention of journalists in hopes that they will consider the content as a story idea. However, the changing times have revolutionized the press release, making it an object worthy of media affection in itself (as long as it is well written, of course). Good press releases inspire others to write about them, but the great ones today get published as news.

If one is starting from scratch, or completely in the dark about where to begin in creating a quality news item, then consulting with the “How to” articles isn’t a bad starting point. There are many that can point content writers in the right direction for developing a sound piece. However, it is important that one does not rely solely on what these articles say to create a press release tailored for their specific needs.

Cookie cutter, one size fits all layouts typically don’t leave room for companies to provide a unique presentation of their message. Therefore, a sample press release guide is great for things like formatting and getting a general idea of what should be included in each paragraph, but always remember to let your own voice be the one that shines through.

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