April 29, 2015

Should You Write a Press Release to Promote Your Blog?

Submit123PR outlines why it is a good idea to use press releases for blog promotion.

Why create a blog if you’re not going to promote it? This may seem like a good time to ask “why ask why,” but the question stems from the simple fact that many owners of business blogs as well as personal blogs don’t employ strategies to bring attention to them. Those who do, often don’t know what the most effective means of promotion are in these cases. So I ask again, why create a blog if you’re not going to promote it?

Some say their blog does well on it’s own. They have built an audience simply by being the great gurus they are, so they choose to leave well enough alone. But if blogs are meant to be read, there is no room for “well enough.” You should want traffic streaming to your blog by the masses.

Press releases are a great means to “bring the masses.” Not only do they grab the attention of the media, but they also:

• Help build authority with the use of anchor text links
• Generate website traffic specific to your niche
• Expose you to search engines

What more could you ask for? There are great press release writing and distribution services out there that can help you take your blog promotion efforts to new heights (or get you started if you’ve yet to get your feet wet). So no more excuses, the time to act is now! Carpe Diem!

Submit Press Release 123 has expert press release writing and distribution services to fit practically any budget.

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