April 11, 2015

Press Release Writing: For Some a Natural Disaster

Submit123PR discusses human elements that get in the way of quality press release writing.

For some, writing in general comes easier than for others. When it comes to press release writing; however, even those who may find writing a not so intimidating feat, can have trouble avoiding certain “natural disasters” that get in the way of making one’s release work in the way it is supposed to. These are the human elements of how one thinks that get in the way of a writer’s ability to concoct the “perfect” release. In understanding common character traits that spill over into their writing, writers can help further the success of their press releases and get it right the first time.

The following are five of the most common “errors in human thought” that facilitate the creation of press release disasters:

• Believing in the gambler’s way – The Gambler’s fallacy is a term used to describe the belief that past events alter future probabilities. For example, if one rolls a seven in dice game three times in a row, then the chances of their rolling a seven the next roll is decreased right? Wrong. The odds are still the odds no matter the past outcome.

In press release writing, some believe that if a press release was well received by one particular audience the first time, then so it shall be for every audience. This is not the case. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and it is important to write for the audience that a release is directed at. Therefore, creating multiple releases is ideal.

• Blurring the lines in communication – Most people write in the same way that they speak. If you are one who speaks in everyday conversation as if you are announcing newsworthy information to the media, then you have it made as a press release writer. However, most of us don’t, therefore the traits of our verbal communication styles often spill over into our writing. It is important to separate the two voices so the negative aspects of one do not diminish the effectiveness of the other, especially when it comes to creating a sound news release.

• Believing productivity is necessary only if one is being observed – Sitting at one’s desk alone with no one watching may lead them to believe that the written communication pieces they send out do not convey any representation of them. But this is untrue. Press releases are the mouth piece and personality of the businesses that send them out. It is important to create quality releases even if one thinks that no one is watching, or has no idea of who will see them.
• Committing to unsuccessful causes by compulsion – Say you spend half of your life savings on a project that is going nowhere. Do you cut your losses and move on to the next thing, or do you invest the rest of your life savings to try to save the sinking ship? It may sound strange, but most people would opt to do the latter. The chase of a return on investment causes many people to escalate their commitment even when it’s obvious that there is no saving a failing endeavor.

When it comes to writing, most people do the same thing. The time spent on writing a paragraph or two is enough to commit them to making sure what has been written works, even when it doesn’t. One cannot be afraid to erase everything and begin again if the outcome of their press release writing efforts don’t convey an intended message (or just outright sounds like drivel).

• Possessing a mob mentality – Looking to see how everyone else is doing it is a common first step of first time press release writers. Then, when they have become second, third, forth (and so on) press release writers, they are trapped in the cycle of writing the way they learned to from everyone else. There are certain elements that should be included in press releases; however, originality is the prevailing force that makes press releases work. Therefore, instead of going with the mob, it is important to find your own writer’s stride.

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