May 18, 2015

Press Release Planning: Did You Miss Something?

Submit123PR discusses the importance of planning before constructing your press release.

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” To some this old idiom is profound. To others, it is outright rude. But no matter how you look at it, there is value in the concept of learning from one’s past outcomes. When it comes to press release writing the lesson is just as relevant. No matter how excellent one’s writing is, experienced writers know that reevaluation always yields a new vision for how something can be improved.

When companies choose to construct a press release in hopes of reaching targeted media, they should use the past for planning ahead. Some may say, how do you “plan” a press release. The answer is simple, you just “do” it. Not only do you plan or draft an outline of what should be included in the release, but you plan the timing of it, who you are trying to reach, what to do if you reach them, what to do if you don’t, and so forth. If you aren’t a details kind of person, then become one (because, yes, planning is that important.)

Have you ever constructed what you thought was the perfect press release pitch, sent it out, and received little to no feedback for it? Did you ask yourself, “Hey, what did I miss?” That’s a sure sign that you forgot to plan. The following are five press release planning steps that may help you avoid such disasters in the future.

• Plan to welcome your audience – Who is your target audience. What do they like? How do they like it? Here is your opportunity to roll out a welcome mat so enticing, no one can resist what lies therein your release.

• Plan how to best relay your message – You may have figured out what you want to say, but have you thought long and hard about how to best say it? Remember every target audience may take in a message differently, so choose your words carefully.

• Plan when to say something – Timing is of the essence in everything. If you are promoting a new product launch, then why wait to say it after the product is launched. Timing releases well helps build momentum (and keeps it going).

• Plan for feedback – Many who send out press releases don’t question whether they are prepared for the feedback that may come their way. They think “I just need leads,” but it is important to assess whether one has the right mechanisms in place to nurture those leads. And what if there is no response? Do you have a backup plan?

• Plan for the next one – You’re only as good as your last press release. Well, not literally, but you get the point. Hopefully.

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